All-Natural Iced Tea Manufacturer Donates TEAse Ice Tea to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

All-Natural Iced Tea Manufacturer Donates TEAse Ice Tea to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

NJ Beverage Manufacturer Cold Star, Inc., maker of TEAse Iced Teas and CAF Fusion coffee-flavored energy drinks, offered refreshing relief for homeowners impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Mt. Ephraim, NJ- March 2013- Due to the storm that devastated the East Coast, many local companies have been offering help to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Leading beverage manufacturer, Cold Star, Inc., assisted efforts in both New York and New Jersey by donating over 8500 bottles of TEAse Iced Tea to emergency work crews and relief centers in New York City, Wildwood and Long Beach Island, NJ. Local fire departments in those regions received the donation and had volunteers distribute the refreshing iced tea.

The drinks were so well-received by homeowners in the affected regions, requests were coming into to Cold Star’s corporate office with inquiries on where the ice tea products were available for purchase. Upon receiving a letter on behalf of a 90-year old Staten Island resident who had been given TEAse at a local recovery center who so enjoyed the drink, Cold Star shipped cases of TEAse to the gentleman.

"On behalf of Cold Star, we want to express our thoughts and best wishes to the families affected by Hurricane Sandy. We have employees, friends, distributors and customers in all of the affected areas. It is important to come together to help those affected rebuild their homes, communities and lives", states Hanlon Harris III.

"There are still many victims of this storm who are suffering and remain homeless. Although the media attention has died down, we must continue to help those in need. We must not forget there are still many, many people who need our help", concludes Harris.

TEAse Iced Tea all natural, premium brewed beverages are available in 16-ounce bottles. Check the TEAse website on where TEAse is available in your area. You may also contact Cold Star directly at 800-269-4052.

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