TEAse Honey & Ginseng Green Tea

Honey & Ginseng Green Tea

In recent years, the West has discovered what those in the Far East have known for centuries. Green tea is good for you. In fact, green tea is so ubiquitous in the East that it’s referred to simply as “tea.” An instant classic here in the states, green tea has garnered a following for its smooth taste and health-promoting qualities. And TEAse has taken advantage of this… we just made it taste even better!

Using the finest green tea leaves purposefully blended with all-natural honey and ginseng extract, TEAse Green Tea is a delicious brew. Pulling an all-nighter for school studies? Grab a TEAse Green Tea. Trying to keep up with your kids? Go for Green. A natural energy booster, the touch of ginseng is just what you need to revitalize yourself. Get it done with TEAse.

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